Sunday, November 9, 2008

hanging with the Krogmans

so great to see the Krogmans again, and even better that the kids got to finally meet. K and P had an instant connect as only young children can!

You'll remember this little guy from when I was luck enough to experience his birth. my how quickly they grow!

Thanks for taking the time to swap fam pictures!! Can't wait to get together again. And we'll do Hu-Hut next time ;)

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jglanzer said...

You lucky photographer you! This family really looks like it was a dream to work with... HAHAHAHA!!
Oh, goodness...that last picture totally cracks me up. I hope nobody thinks I'm crazy, but I'm seriously considering using it for our Christmas card. I think I'd have it say "Merry freaking Christmas!" or something like that! lol Calvin is just a HOOT in that one!
I also really love what you did with the black and white one right above it...really cool idea. Thanks again and I can't wait to get back together! (neither can the girls!)