Thursday, May 22, 2008

An amazing experience | omaha birth photographer

I had the great pleasure to meet fellow photographer Jordan and her family these past two days. I traveled up to do a maternity session with them yesterday and then woke up bright an early to document the birth of their son Hudson.

I had a great time and I'm sure I've gained a great friend in the process, here are a few photos from this experience, more to come soon when I have gotten more sleep :)

And the PROUD big sisters!!!
Congratulations on the newest addition to your wonderful family, I'm so thankful that I was a part of your big day!


Malisa said...

Sara- you did an awesome job with these! Wish I had known some peas back when I gave birth! I love the footprint one!

Julie said...

Sarah Thank you for sharing these with us, they are wonderful! Your hospital shots are simply breathtaking! What a wonderful gift to have this documented so well.

Regina (Lexi) said...

What an awesome gift you are giving them, Sara. I know Jordan and her family will treasure having these first precious moments captured and preserved so beautifully. Nice work.

jglanzer said...

They finally got the internet working here! Oh, it's been so tough not being able to check my blog or 2peas! ;) These are just beautiful, Sara. Really, above and beyond what I had hoped for and I am so grateful that you were able to come and document this day for us. I haven't taken many pics yet (if you can believe it!) but I'm hoping to get a few shot now that I'm up and feeling better. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE these and I absolutely can not wait to see the rest. :) THANKS!!!!!