Thursday, July 24, 2008

are you ready for some more? | omaha senior photographer

this was |e|'s vision, he worked hard to get it and I believe it payed off!!
Can't wait for you to see the rest, leave a comment folks, I know your out there!!! :)


ethan said...

I really like them! except for my pose with the rail car and my expression on the stairs...ha. Can't wait to see more!

Laura said...

What great shots. My favorites so far are the ones where he is smiling. I do love the one on the fire escape, too. I know he wanted to do one involving this look. The window with the keyboard is cool, too. How appropriate! Thanks again for following him all over to get the shots he wanted.

Jen Lienemann said...

These are great Sara! I cannot wait until Ben has his session Monday evening!